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Arthritis, Arthroscopic Surgery, Disability, Joint Replacement, Rehabilitation, Sports Medicine, Trauma/Fractures, Advanced Techniques; Arthroscopic Sports Medicine; Total Joint Replacement

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Welcome to the Orthopaedic Surgery website of Dr. William J Bose. Located on this website are links ("Health Library") and pictures (located in the "Image Gallery") which are intended to be of educational assistance for those who wish to learn about a particular musculoskeletal disease process or treatment.

Dr. Bose is a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon with over 15 years of experience in treatment of conditions of the hip, shoulder and of the knee.

Dr. Bose is a specialist fellowship trained in "adult reconstruction" which means he specializes in all disorders of the hip, of the knee and of the shoulder. He treats these problems with and without surgery, and performs procedures to relieve pain, correct anatomic deformity and improve the function of diseased joints.

His primary focus is management of Arthritis, Sports Medicine, and injuries of the hip, of the knee and of the shoulder. (www.wmt.com; www.stryker.com; www.zimmer.com).

Dr. Bose is a Clinical Associate Professor of Orthopaedics in the Department of Orthopedics at the University of South Alabama, and is involved in the training of the young orthopaedic doctors at the University of South Alabama. Additionally, he is involved in teaching other Orthopaedic Physicians (who are already in practice) advanced techniques such as minimally (mini-incision) invasive total hip replacement for hip arthritis, (www.wmt.com) minimally invasive total knee replacement for knee arthritis, computer assisted total knee replacement, and partial (unicompartmental) knee replacement (www.kneereplacement.com). Hip Resurfacing Arthroplasty is offered in carefully selected patinets. (www.wmt.com)

His office is called "Advanced Orthopaedics, LLC", and is located in the Providence Hospital Medical Park Plaza, at Providence Hospital in Mobile, Alabama . The office address is 6701 Airport Blvd, Suite B 114 Mobile, Alabama. 251 300-2902 is the phone number.

His primary goal is to treat every patient with respect and to try to improve their QUALITY OF LIFE through relief of pain and restoration of function.

Prior to a knee replacement, many patients with arthritic pain of the knee can be treated with a combination of physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medication, corticosteroid injections and viscoelastic supplementation. Viscoelastic supplementation is a series of injections into the knee of a liquid which is designed to relieve the pain from knee arthritis. (www.global.smith-nephew.com/master/SUPARTZ_JOINT_FLUID_6086.htm.

Dr. Bose has had tremendous experience in Total Hip Replacement, Total Knee Replacement and Shoulder Replacement Surgery . He specializes in Primary (first time) and Revision (redo) total hip replacement, total knee replacement and shoulder replacement. He has performed over 2000 knee replacements and over 1500 Hip Replacements. He also repairs many failed, worn out, or painful prior joint replacements. He also treats congenital deformities, rheumatoid diseases and traumatic disorders of these joints. www.bonesmart.org; www.exac.com; www.stryker.com; www.zimmer.com; www.hipreplacement.com.

Dr. Bose has extensive experience in Sports Medicine injuries of the hip, including FAI (femoro-acetabular impingement) and Acetabular Labral tears . He uses the most advanced Hip Arthroscopy techniques for treatment of acetabular labral tears and femoro-acetabular (FAI) impingement which allows a more rapid recovery with less postoperative pain. Pictures, animations and videos can be seen at: www.hipfai.com.

Dr. Bose also specializes in Sports Medicine injuries of the shoulder and of the knee. Rotator Cuff Tears, Glenoid Labral and biceps tears or SLAP tears, and Knee injuries such as ACL reconstruction and Meniscus tears are performed via the latest arthroscopic techniques. www.arthrex.com

Dr. Bose tailors the procedure to the needs of the specific patient and does NOT believe in the "one procedure fits all" philosophy. This philosophy is the reason why a variety of surgeries are offered.

Dr. Bose wants patients to understand their condition: How it developed and how the various treatments approaches can improve or repair the problem. He also wants the patient to actively participate in the treatment process. All treatment alternative non surgical options are considered. If a non-surgical option is available (and it usually is), he will explain and peruse that option. However, if non-surgical treatment has failed, the PROPER surgery is offered to the patient.

If you have had prior surgery and it has failed, he will do everything in his power to fix it. He will try to relieve your pain and restore your function, so that you can live an active pain-free life.

"I am honored that you have entrusted me to provide to you the very best of Orthopaedic care. If surgery becomes necessary, I make sure you have every opportunity to obtain an excellent outcome. I am certainly willing to work with you to schedule your surgery at a time that is convenient for you and your family." Dr. Bill Bose

For Further Educational Information, I recommend the following Web Sites:

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  • www.arthrex.com
  • www.global.smith-nephew.com/master/SUPARTZ_JOINT_FLUID_6086.htm
  • www.wmt.com
  • www.stryker.com
  • www.zimmer.com
  • www.williambose.com

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    Mike Companion and Rebeka Pierce are Dr. Bose's physician assistants. Rachel is the receptionist.

    We are here to treat patients with kindness and respect. We work together to make an accurate diagnosis in order to deliver appropriate treatment in order to achieve the best possible outcome for the patient.


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